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The Cask Jewelry Story

Cask Jewelry, the original wine barrel jewelry company™, was started by Kyle and Amy Goleno.

My wife and I Founders of Cask Jewelryboth grew up in the Napa Valley and call it our home today. Our families never owned a winery, but the wine tourism business has been all around us our entire lives.

Of course with so much access to excellent wine, we have collected and enjoyed many bottles. We have also visited many of the local wineries and toured through them. At the wineries and from our friends in the wine business we have learned about the art and science of making wine.

Our house, like many in the wine country, has wine related decor, our kids make crafts from corks, and wine barrels are easy to come by.

Wine barrels are commonly repurposed into a multitude of items… but we never saw anyone make jewelry out of wine barrels. Wearing a ring made from a wine barrel seemed like the coolest idea. With a passion for wine and a love for wine country, having a wine barrel ring was the perfect celebration.

Over a few years we developed our idea and in 2015 launched Cask Jewelry.

Thanks for taking the time and getting to know a little bit about us, we’d love to get to know you better too, send us a message and tell us about yourself and your quest for wine barrel jewelry.

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The Original Wine Barrel Jeweler ™